Beware of the Cable Guy: From Cop to Serial Killer (paperback)

by Jeff Kaye

Once a respected Miami Police Detective, David Middleton is the only convicted serial killer in American history who is also an ex-police officer. Middleton now awaits execution on death row in Nevada.

David Middleton preyed on women he met while working as a cable television installer in Reno, Nevada after having been fired from the Miami Police Department. While serving on the Miami Police Department, Middelton was arrested for sexual assault and kidnapping and subsequently fired.

He brutally tortured his victims in a makeshift "chamber of horrors" before killing them, but the heinous crimes he was convicted of are just a part of this story.

An eighteen-year-old murder victim in Colorado calls from her grave to tell us it was the ineptness of law enforcement that actually let David Middleton become the Cable Guy.

TITLE: Beware of the Cable Guy: From Cop to Serial Killer
AUTHOR: Jeff Kaye
FORMAT: Trade Paperback

PAGES: 434 pages
ISBN-13: 9780976861737

About the Author

Jeff Kaye recently retired as a sergeant from the Reno Nevada Police Department. He spent the majority of his twenty-four years in law enforcement working in various undercover operations, including supervision of a multi-jurisdictional narcotics task force. Mr. Kaye holds a degree in Criminal Justice and throughout his career has been called upon to offer expert testimony in undercover operations, clandestine lab enforcement, and undercover operative stress syndromes. Mr. Kaye currently resides in La Quinta California with his wife and two children.

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